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Product introduction: The brake disc is an important part of the braking system, the braking force is usually derived from the brake caliper.It is a expendable mechanical parts.


Carbon brake discs introduction :

The aircraft's brakes are not only directly related to aircraft take-off, landing and safety, but also an important indicator of the advanced level of a national aviation wheel.

In the discs of all, because of their excellent mechanical properties, thermal physical properties and good friction  properties, carbon brake discs have gradually replaced the powder metallurgy brake device, which has become the inevitable trend of the development of international aviation industry.

C / C composites are a kind of new ultra-heat resistant structural materials which have been rapidly developed  to meet the needs of aerospace & aviation. And it is also the only engineering materials which can be used at 2000 . Aircraft carbon brake disc is  a new type of aircraft brake disc composed of high-density C / C  composites which is processed from high-strength carbon fibre preform after CVD let pyrolysis carbon  deposition.

As it has various advantages such as light weight, long service life, high strength, easy maintenance, stable braking, large specific heat , stable friction factors ,stable mechanical properties at increasing high temperature etc. In particular,  known as high impact toughness and resistance to seawater and salt spray corrosion , it has replaced powder metallurgy material disc to become  a new generation of  aircraft brake discs.

Now,  except for a few series aircrafts Boeing -737,  there are more than 40 kinds of civil aircrafts including  all in-service Boeing and Airbus series aircrafts are equipped with carbon brakes discs. And the  powder metallurgy brake discs  of in-service Boeing aircrafts are being replaced into  carbon brake discs. Therefore,carbon brake discs shall replace all  powder metallurgy brake discs in the future as they has longer service life and lighter weight inevitably.

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