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Product introduction: Aluminum alloy hub has the advantages of light weight, high manufacturing accuracy, high strength, small inertia resistance, strong heat dissipation and good visual effect.


Aluminum alloy hubs are manufactured by casting and forging.

1. Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs

There are only three manufacturing methods for casting hub on the market: gravity casting, low pressure casting and casting spinning.

The advantages of casting hub: low price, no restrictions on shape, bending after impact, relatively good toughness forging, etc.

Disadvantages: The hub is uneven in force, low in strength and prone to fracture.

If you buy Cast hubs, it is recommended to buy low pressure casting and spinning casting hubs.

2. Forged aluminium alloy hub: Forging machine is used to exert pressure on the metal blank to produce plastic deformation, so as to obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of the forged hub.

The advantages of forging hub are high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance, accurate size and so on. Forged wheels are widely used in the market.

Advantages of forged aluminium alloy wheels for automobiles:

1. Light weight, high carrying capacity, fuel saving, long service life, fast heat dissipation.

2. Reduce the wear rate of tire greatly, improve the service life of brake system, and reduce the maintenance cost.

3. Good comfort and stability, safety and impact resistance.

4. beautiful appearance.


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