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Rubber Production Line

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Thin rubber sheet liner extrusion calendaring product line

Thin rubber sheet liner extrusion calendaring product line is mainly used for manufacturing the inner liners of radial tires and thin rubber sheets. Besides, it is also applied to calendaring, laminating, cooling, transportation and automatic curling of cords and thin sheet rubber.

Pin-barrel cold feed triplex Extruder

The duplex/triplex extruder production line is mainly used for composite extrusion of semi-steel/All-steel radial tire tread and sidewall, then material receiving, shrinking, cooling, coiling and so on.

The hydraulic vulcanizing machine

The machine uses hot plate heating, BOM center structure of the hydraulic tire curing machine, the structure of the double-plate-type double-guided column under pressure.

Mechanical vulcanizing machine

Mechanical vulcanizing machine can be based on the needs of the embryo can be automatically installed tire, stereotypes, curing, tire unloading and air-cooled. It can realize the single machine automatic operation, and has the manual control mode.

45 ° / 88 ° / 90 ° / fiber cord automatic cut Lap Cutter production line

45 ° / 88 ° / 90 ° / fiber cord automatic cut Lap Cutter production line It is used in the 45°/88°/90°cord fabric cutting, automatic splicing production line cutting and automatic lapping and joining to big roll after the calendaring.

Double composite extrusion production line

Mainly used for semi-steel radial tire tread, sidewall compound extrusion, and then access, shrink, cooling, playing volume and other production processes needs.

Hexagon bead winding machine double station

The raw material of production line is coiled special steel wires. And the first stage building process is completed after a series of procedures including let off, cleaning, electric heating, coating, traction and storage, automatic wire arranging and winding to finish the production of bead ring.

Apex laminating production line

Laminated the extruded apex on the bead ring. The apex with triangular cross-section extruded from the extruder die plate and laminated with the well winded bead ring though the closed cooling device(Dual cooling of cooling roll and air conditioner cooling).

Extrusion Line Steel Belt Production Line

The equipment uses:It is used for continuous automatic production of steel wire guide belt, compound glue, cooling traction, cutting joint, wrapping and coiling.

87 ° -90 ° fiber cord cutting machine production line

This machine is used for automatically guiding and puncturing large caliber fibrous cord after calendering, and the fiber cord is cut in 87 ° -90 ° according to the requirement of tire selection in the menu.After cutting, it is manually transported to the fiber plies splicing platform, hand stitching, automatic coiling.

Semi steel production line

Two stage building machine of semi steel radial tire is used for forming high-quality semi-steel radial tires including 1st stage and 2nd stage building machines. 1st stage is responsible for lamination of inner liner, carcass ply and sidewall while 2nd stage complete lamination of belt, cap strip and tread and finally complete the forming of green tire.

Three-station spraying machine

ZPF-B radial tire spraying machine is a kind of equipment used for radial spraying in tire,It can be automatically set, automatically clamping the tire bead, spraying at the designated place,then tires are rotated to the exit and the tires are automatically released. The tires are fed into the output table by the tire contactor. The spray speed is 6-7 tires per minute.

Quintuplex Extruders Production Line

Compound extruder can be used in the production of car, light truck and radial truck tire parts. It can be used for the compound of crown rubber, shoulder wing rubber and base rubber, side rubber and sub-mouth wear-resistant rubber, Triangle rubber and shoulder pad rubber.

Fabric multi-ply slitting machine

The calendered wide fabric was cut into narrow ply with a certain width specifications, and then wound on two winding shaft used for the first ply and second ply, which is the former working procedure of cap ply stripwinding machine.

Multi-station Cap ply vertical slitter

This equipment use for cutting cap strip.

One-stage semi-steel radial tire building machine

The equipment is mainly composed of main equipment, auxiliary equipment, control system and pneumatic system.


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