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Rubber conveyor belts

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Conveyor belts

Conveyor belt, used in belt conveyor belt to carry and transport material role of rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other industries where the conveying distance is short and the conveying capacity is small.

PVC,PV G Conveyor Belts

PVC / PVG conveyor belt has good elasticity and excellent shape retention because they are composed of superior high-strength cotton, nylon, polyester canvas and the like as their cores. Besides, its formula design is reasonable with proper color and it is lightweight and durable. PVC / PVG conveyor belt is also known as PVC / PVG flame retardant conveyor belt.

Steel cord conveyor belts

Characterized as high tensile strength, small elongation, excellent throughability, flexing resistance and impact resistance and the like, steel cord conveyor belt uses steel as its skeleton. Because of its small elongation, its take-up stroke is also short. Furthermore, because the expansive force of steel wires is uniform and the adhesion performance of steel wires and rubber is distinguished, the belt has superior integrity and the steel wires will not pull off with good impact resistance and longer service life.

Nylon Conveyer Belt

Nylon core conveyor belt is composed of multi-layer nylon canvas bonded together in a certain way which is covered with strong-elasticity wear-resistant rubber on its upper and lower sides. This kind of conveyor belts are often used for transferring small and medium-sized massive, granular, powdery substances which is suitable for high-speed, medium or long-distance and high-impact transportation.

Polyester(EP)Conveyor Belt

Polyester conveyor belt, also known as EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, automatic conveyor belt and cement conveyor belt, has high modulus, small use elongation, thermal stability and impact resistance. They are suitable for delivering materials under the conditions of medium and long distance, high-speed, and high load.

Canvas Conveyor Belts

It is cotton canvas structure spun with cotton fiber vertically and horizontally. It has lower elongation, good adhesion and small deformation at high temperature. Therefore, it is suitable for short-distance and smaller conveying-capacity transportation. Besides, it is a kind of products upgraded from all cotton conveyor belts and the tensile body is made of longitudinal mixed and chemical fiber fabrics and radial cotton fibers. So it has better performance than cotton conveyor belt, especially it has thinner, lighter and improved impact resistance belt.

Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts have the following properties such as heat-resistance, wear-resistant, resistance to burning, oil and alkali, heat-resistance and cold-resistance. They are mainly used for transportation of solid materials for companies in such industries as mining, metallurgy, iron and steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemicals, food and so on.

Ring rubber conveyer belt

Ring rubber conveyor belt is a kind of endless conveyor belt which is manufactured as annulus in the process of production and with the strength of its core connector can reach 90% of belts. There are no obvious joint defects on the surface of belts. Therefore, conveyor belt can transport in a balanced way with small use elongation. In addition, the carcass is made of superior cotton or the use of Elongation small; core with high-quality cotton or mixed cotton canvas.

Acid & Alkaline resistant conveyor belts

If carcass is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas, it shall has good elasticity, excellent troughability and small use elongation. As Acid & alkaline resistant materials are processed into cover coat, it will own good physical properties and good resistance to chemical corrosion.Therefore, Is is suitable for conveying materials with chemical corrosiveness in chemical factory, chemical fertilizer factory, paper mill, mining industry and etc. Besides, they can be used in Can also be used for obtaining salt by evaporating brine.

Oil-resistant conveyor belts

This product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the processes of calendaring, building, vulcanizing, vulcanizing and etc. Characterized as good oil resistance, it is suitable for conveying oil-containing materials and is used in some places with oily and chemical solvents. It has the advantages of small rate of change of volume, high retention strength wide scope of application and so on.

Heat-resistant conveyor belts

Heat-resistant conveyor belt is composed of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (TC fabric) or polyester canvas with high temperature or heat-resistant rubber covered on both their upper and lower surfaces through the process of high temperature vulcanization. They are suitable for conveying hot coke under less than 175 ℃, cements, slags and hot castings and the like because they have advantages of light weight, long service life (about 2 to 4 times), good heat resistance. Furthermore, they are mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries for conveying high-temperature materials like sintered ore, coke, cements, clinker and so on. They are used in such condition that material temperature does not exceed 800 ℃ and surface temperature of belts is no more than 220 ℃.

Water-stop belts

Rubber water-stops and water-stop rubber series are mainly composed of natural rubber and various synthetic rubber with addition of various additives and fillers through the process of plastic refining, mixing, compression molding. And the categories and specifications are various such as bridge shape, mountain shape, P , U type, Z, B, T, H, E, Q type and so on.

Conveyer Belt with Corrugated Fold with Large Dip Angle

Conveyer belt with corrugated fold in large dip angle is composed of three parts:baseband, sideguard and diaphragm plate. The sideguard prevents the material from slipping and falling. In order to bypass roller, the sideguard is designed to corrugated shape. Besides, t diaphragm plate plays a role in supporting materials and to implement the transporting in large dip angle, T/TC type are manufactured. Sideguard and diaphragm plate connect with baseband based on second vulcanization with high connection strength. That is used for conveying scattered powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like materials.

Whole core fire resistant belt

It is made of polyvinyl chloride by vulcanizing and impregnating and it has the features of high strength, large transportation capacity and balanced transport and so on. In addition, it has the following advantages such as good flame resistance, static-resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion-resistant and excellent safety performance as well as lower cost compared with other flame-retardant conveyor belts and so on

Patterned Conveyor Belt

Flame retardant conveyor belts

The product is suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments, and is used to transport non-corrosive, bulk, granular and powder materials. It is mainly used for material transportation in power plant, coal mine and chemical industry.


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