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Rubber Production Machine

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Rubber industry and rubber machinery

The development direction of rubber industry is based on the progress of rubber machinery, materials and processing aids.

ALPHA-bunbary 160

ALPHA-bunbary 160

Up Steam System

Banbury mixer upstream equipment system

Rubber open mixing mill

The machine is to be used for rubber plasticating,blending,socking and tablet compressing and more

Pin-barrel Cold Feed Extruder

In the process of extrusion, pins inserting form outside barrel into inside will constantly shear and mix flowing rubber compound. The rubber compound be plasticized better at low temperatures and the generation of heat will be very uniform.

Ordinary cold-feed extruder

Ordinary cold feed extruder is applied to the stereotypes extrusion of tire sidewalls and treads, extrusion encapsulation of hoses wires and cables and extrusion for cross-section of rubber products as well as cooking of calendars and so on.

Exhaust-type cold-feed extruder

Exhaust-type cold feed extruder is used for evacuating residual water and volatile gas after the plasticization and mixing of rubber by releasing pressure before rubber is extruded into machine head. So the exhausted semi-finished rubber is high-quality with high density without stoma, which is suitable for continuous vulcanization production of insulating and foamed materials.

Hot-feed extruder

Hot-feed extruder is applied to the stereotypes extrusion of various products during rubber production

Hot-feed rubber filter

Hot-feed rubber filter is used for remove the impurities in rubber compound and reclaimed rubber with the help of thrust and transferring of screws.

Two-spool forced feeding extruder

Two-spool forced feeding extruder is a new type of high-efficiency, continuous and stable rubber extrusion equipment, which can realize plastication of bulk compound. And the bulk raw rubber is continuously extruded in sheet shape by plastication to provide a stable, continuous, high-quality plasticated rubber for continuous bulk compound mixing.

Banbury mixer

Banbury mixer is a kind of has a particular shape and relative rotation of the rotor, the adjustable temperature and pressure in airtight condition clearance to the molding of polymer materials and mixing machine, mainly by the mixer chamber, rotor, rotor sealing device, feeding pressure feeding device, discharge device, transmission device, frame parts, etc.

Crowned layer winding machine

Used to multiple blade longitudinal cut down crowned layer material, further points cut into narrow and winding into the spindle.

Single screw extruder

Single-screw extruder is mainly used for extruding soft and hard polyvinyl chloride,Polyethylene and other thermoplastics,Machinable a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze the tube, plate, drawing ribbon, etc., can also be used for melting granulation.

Twin screw extruder

Twin screw extruder auxiliary equipment, including the main units Pay - off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, the meter, spark test machine, take-up device.


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