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    GuiLin Alpha Rubber&Plastics Technology Company, located in Guilin in GuangXi province, was founded in 2006, is a research and development and sales of various kinds of rubber products, rubber raw materials, rubber machinery and accessories and latex products of foreign trade enterprises. The company have professional and technical personnel, professional production and testing equipment, at the same time to provide customers rubber products and mechanical design of experiment (partial) entrust a specialized institutions.

    Company mainly works range is: research and development, sales of various latex products, electrical insulation rubber products and other rubber products, and synthetic rubber, natural rubber, etc, all kinds of tire production materials. And also have mechanical and electrical products, metal products, tire production equipment and spare parts, test equipment, retreading tire equipment, etc. Company's products are widely used in underground engineering, chemical industry, machinery, construction, aviation, transportation, medical and other fields.

    Alpha to "The benefit of customers in the first forever, the staff benefit second" as the basic culture company. Company staff mutual respect, help each other, to learn and progress continuously, make the staff with a professional and quality, be confident in the face of every customer. The company with professional technology, quality products, considerate service, to win and keep a lot of long-term, stable customer. Every cooperation let customer trust they choice of company is the world's most professional sales and research and development company. Treat customers as close friends, try our best to meet customer demand, on the premise of guarantee reasonable profit to provide customer with professional, integrity of products and services. After years of hard work, we were accumulated the Middle East and southeast Asia a number of fixed customers.


    Guilin foreign trade industry advanced unit since 2014.

    GuangXi foreign trade company top10.

    In 2016, foreign trade contracts exceeded 30 million yuan. In 2017, foreign trade contracts exceeded 60 million yuan.

    Long-term cooperation with university of Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology in project research and development.


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