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Rubber Production Line

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Product introduction: This machine is used for automatically guiding and puncturing large caliber fibrous cord after calendering, and the fiber cord is cut in 87 ° -90 ° according to the requirement of tire selection in the menu.After cutting, it is manually transported to the fiber plies splicing platform, hand stitching, automatic coiling.


1. Product name and use

Product introductionThe production line of 87°-90° fibre cord cutting machine is used to automatically open the rolled large-volume fibre cord and cut 87°-90°fibre cord according to the menu selection of tire technology. After cutting, it is manually transported to the fibre cord splicing platform, automatic splicing and automatic winding.

2.Scope of supply

2.1 Unwinding equipment of single station large roll cord

2.2 Storage cloth structure of tire cords

2.3 Full spot punch device

2.4 Cutting conveyor

2.5 Cutting equipment

2.6 Splicing platform

2.7 Single-station coiling device

2.8 Electric and control system

2.9 Full wire electricalelectrically controlled and PLC automatic control systemincluding power cabinet, control cabinet and operation box, etc.

2.10 Various cables and XQJ between control cabinet and machine.

2.11 Driving control device

2.12 cutter

3. The main technical parameters



The cutting of the fabric width (MAX)


Cut the angle of the fabric


Determine the angle error


Determination of width error


The cord joints are misaligned


The cutting ability

16 / min

Width of cord joints


Automatic joint lap quantity


Joint lap accuracy


Carcass alignment accuracy


Coiling elongation


Winding method

Single - axis side of the wooden axis of coiling

Operating form

Manual or Automatic

Use the voltage

400V±10% 50Hz


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