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Rubber Production Line

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Product introduction: The raw material of production line is coiled special steel wires. And the first stage building process is completed after a series of procedures including let off, cleaning, electric heating, coating, traction and storage, automatic wire arranging and winding to finish the production of bead ring.


Production introduction:The production line of hexagonal double-position wire coil winding machine is mainly composed of wire guide device, high frequency heating device, extruder, traction device, storage device, pre-bending device, winding main machine device and coil connecting device. The whole production line is controlled by PLC.

1. Scope and contents of supply

1.1 Duplex let-off frame

1.2 Rust removing device for steel wire

1.3 High frequency heating device

1.4 φ65 cold feed screw extruder

1.5 Temperature control device for screw extruder of φ65 cold feed screw

1.6 Steel wire flaring device

1.7 Double station traction device and storage line device (with adjustable pre bending device)

1.8 Traveller winding device

1.9 Traveller removing device

1.10 Double station traveller storage tank

1.11 Winding disc

1.12 electrical system

1.13 Dedicated cables and pipelines

1.14 Wire butt welding machine

1.15 Safety protection device

2. Technical parameters


Parameters / Requirements

The production of steel wire circle specifications

13″20″ (330mm-508mm)

Wire diameter range


Wire hanging plastic diameter

1.5 mm1.6mm

Winding width on the maximum number of steel wire

11 (11mm)

Winding height on the maximum number of steel wire

16 (28.8mm)

Winding head

Radial expansion

Wire shape

Positive, oblique hexagonal cross-section

Beveled base inclination range

0 or15

Maximum winding speed


Extruder specifications

φ65 Cold feed screw extruder

Screw L/D


Extruder screw maximum speed




The highest temperature rubber extrusion


Heating temperature

40~100℃ adjustable

The maximum weight of the wheel


3. Requirements

1. Bead ring head smooth, without bias and tilt.

2. The quality of steel wire after extrusion: wire hanging glue evenly, no exposed copper, plastic beans, plastic edge and so on.

3. Bead quality requirements: Bead closely wrapped, neatly arranged between the layers.


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